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We are the first Expressive Arts organization in Mexico. Stay tuned to learn about our upcoming events and workshops!


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The creative act and its healing possibilities belongs to all of us. It has being used by humans since the beginning of time. We are creative creatures by nature and we crave the vitality that the process sparks within us. The Expressive Arts approach explores the healing power of our creative force through the art-making process. Using the power of imagination we tap into our inner resources, either as inviduals, or collectively, and in this way mobilize possibilities for healing and integration of difficult/disruptive experiences. 

Why the Arts?

Reclaim Their Power.

Throughout history, humans from all over the planet have resorted to the powerful healing force contained in the creative act. Expressive Arts is a powerful practice in which often, both individuals and communities find it easier to engage in deep explorations through the use of symbols, images and movement, discovering a safe path to transformation and healing. Tapping into our imagination is the first step to finding alternative solutions to dis-ease. By using imagery, storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry, movement, dream work, and visual arts in an integrated way, teh Expressive Arts help us to reclaim our innate capacity as human beings for creative expression and as a vehicle for resourceful individual and collective healing.

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Experiential Learning

The work of Expressive Arts, as well as its training methodology is based on an experiential model. That is, we learn by doing, by tapping into the experience as organized by our senses.


Learning in the poetry of nature

Today, more than ever, it is paramount we recover our connexion with nature and its poetry. Working with the Expressive Arts approach in any setting, brings us back into our senses while helping re-establish aliveness and connection.

Our Institute


To create a space where the practice of the arts is encouraged, facilitating the encounter with the creative capacity of human beings. For this, our training programs deepens in the philosophical, theoretical and practical understanding of the expressive arts oriented to social change and social cohesion and therapeutic accompaniment, for its application with individuals, groups or communities.


To become an international community and training center, where the healing power of the arts, the natural environment and local cultures converge, recognizing both the wisdom and the present conflicts of the indigenous peoples, from whom effective therapeutic models, solutions or alternatives emerge in order to solve them.

Upcoming workshops

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Our feet on the ground and_in the arts

Our School

We created a learning space nestled in the Mayan jungle where the learning of Expressive Arts is fully connected to our sensorial experience. Little by little, stone by stone, we are developing a space that is ecologically sustainable and welcoming for both trainees and the community at large.

Building our Institute
Building our Institute
Building our Institute
Central Offering


The small community of Manuel Antonio Ay offers a full-functioning lodging: Posada Huixteca

Posada Huixteca, Manuel Antonio Ay

In addition, we are located 25 minutes away from Tulum, which offers an array of accommodations for every budget.

Manuel Antonio Ay, Tulum

A small town of over 400 people, this community is mostly comprised of Mayan indigenous people.


Manuel Antonio Ay, the big Ceiba